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Mexican food is quite a hit in our house. I’m obsessed with avocados/ guacamole and my boyfriend loves spice so it’s a real crowd pleaser. I also love how easy it is to adapt into plant based food and so I want to share how easy it really is.

Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook Time: 30 minutes Serves: 2


for tacos

· 1 butternut squash

· 1 tsp paprika

· 4 small tortilla wraps

· 4 tbsp coconut yoghurt (I use Coyo)

for guacamole

· 1 lime

· 1 avocado

· 1 fresh red chilli

· 6 sprigs of coriander

for pickled cucumber

· 1 cucumber

· 200ml white wine vinegar

· 1 tsp caster sugar

other ingredients

· 2 tbsp olive oil

· salt

· black pepper


1. Pre heat oven to 200° fan

2. Peel and cut the butternut squash into 2cm thick pieces. Place on a baking tray with 1 tbsp olive oil and paprika and roast for 30 minutes

3. Meanwhile, peel the cucumber into thin strips onto a clean tea towel. Once the cucumber is peeled, squeeze any access liquid through the tea towel into a bowl

4. In another bowl place the strips of cucumber with the white wine vinegar and caster sugar. Mix with a spoon and leave to one side

5. Cut the avocado and place into a bowl. Squeeze over the juice of one lime, 1 tbsp of olive oil, salt and pepper and mash with a fork. Once the avocado is a creamy texture. Finely chop the coriander and chilli and add to the avocado. Mix well

6. Start to top your tacos with 1 tbsp of yoghurt, a few pieces of pickled cucumber and 1 tbsp of avocado

7. Top with the crispy butternut squash and extra coriander and chilli if you like

Enjoy, xx



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